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Here are some projects that you may find useful information and resources.
1. Network for Astronomy School Education (NASE)
2. Global Hands-On Universe
3. Galileo Teacher Training Program (GTTP)
4. Open Astronomy Schools
5. Einstein Schools
6. Universe AwareEness
7. Space Scoop
8. AstroEDU
9. STEM Lessons for Educators – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
10. Astronomers Without Borders
11. Activity - Finding your Latitude during Daytime by Iranian Teacher's Astronomical Union
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Information about seasons
1. Seasons Around the World activity from astroEDU
2. Explanation of seasons on openStax

Eclipses are amazing celestial event, you can find resources related to the eclipses below.
1. International Astronomical Union Inter-Division C-E Working Group Solar Eclipses
The web page of the IAU Working Group on Solar Eclipses contains a wide variety of material and links relevant to observing solar eclipses. It is suitable for the general public as well as advanced amateur astronomers and professional astronomers. Maps of the paths of totality and annularity, cloudiness statistics based on past spacecraft observations, information on the safety of eclipse observations, and many other pieces of information are linked. The website should be viewed as a “one-stop shop” for eclipse information.
2. NASA Eclipse website with maps of eclipses
3. Eclipses maps from Heavens above
4. Eclipses maps from timeanddate.com
5. Totality app
6. Find Solar & Lunar Eclipses in your city, time and date
7. How to see a lunar eclipse